Blue Space
Blue Space ~ How the beach makes life better...

The beach isn’t just for fun and relaxing anymore.  It turns out it can make all the difference in your life. 

The feelings of joy, satisfaction, peace and tranquility we feel when we’re at the beach have been defined by scientists as “Blue Space.”    The effects of the sights, sounds and smells of the beach on your brain have been extensively studied.  Scientists have determined that the increased feelings of happiness, relaxation and positive energy you feel by spending time at the beach are linked directly to changes your brain reacts to about the environment you’re in.  It has has almost immediate impact on your thoughts, feelings and spirit that last long after you’ve left the sun and sand.

There are four ways that Blue Space affects your brain:

1)    It reduces stress.  Water is full of negative ions that calm you down and make you feel at peace.  This is the opposite effect of all the electronics we are normally tethered to.  Time in the water coupled with non-use of electronics doubles the benefit.  

2)    Improved Creativity:   Blue space clears your mind and relaxes your spirit.  The sounds of the waves and warmth of the sun helps you escape from persistent feelings of anxiety or worry, just like meditation or yoga and allows your creative juices to flow and your spirit to be freed to enjoy the moment.

3)    Lose feelings of depression.  The sights, sounds, smells, and feeling of the beach have a calming effect.  It’s the Blue Space at work to help fulfill you by way of the soft sand, the gentle breezes and color and soothing sound of the water.

4)    Change in perspective.  Blue Space doesn’t just change your mind, it really changes your life.  It frees your mind, allows you to re-group and put your day, your week and your life back in proper perspective. 

So when life gets tough and you need to re-charge your batteries, gain a fresh perspective or reduce stress and anxiety... head for the Blue Space.

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